Zach Into 2020

Category: Videos

(Not Very Exciting) Timelapses

Started recording on the front deck at about 4 AM this morning. 20 second interval, shooting until approximately 6 AM when the camera ran out of battery just as the sun was about to come up.

Bonus timelapse from last night. Shot at 30 second interval.

Final bonus timelapse of this post. Shot one frame per second. Stitched together at 60fps. Need to use manual focus and shutter in the future. Recorded at approximately 3PM from bedroom window.

Just kidding… one final one (manual focus, fixed aperture, dynamic shutter speed – 5 second intervals, starting around 4 / 4:30 PM from bedroom window). Best one so far, though still clear room for improvement:

Alone Together Music Video

Made this from clipping together archival footage of LA. Made this one in Final Cut Pro X, which had a much nicer editing experience than iMovie (I was just moving clips around in the timeline, no advanced features).

The video itself isn’t quite there, but is a step up from my last one. In particular, I like the clip of the water skiing and the section starting at at 2:30.