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Better documentation for systemd

Idea: Better documentation for systemd. is incredibly confusing.

I can’t even figure out what section After and Wants goes in.

I want examples. I want to see how to make scheduled jobs. I want to see how to make one service depend on another service. I want to see where to put files for custom services that I define Examples, examples, examples.

Live, regularly refreshed list of images posted in #packages on the Hack Club Slack. Hover over the image and see – up to 10 mile accuracy – where the box was delivered. Be able to see all packages on a map with a timeline so you can see when they were delivered.

Idea: YouTube File System

YouTube allows the user to upload content in a few different ways:

  1. Through uploading video files
  2. Through creating a live stream with DVR on
    • DVR saves 2 hours, 4 hours, or 12 hours of content depending on the stream settings and kind of device viewing the saved stream (see details)
  3. Through video titles and descriptions
  4. Through comments

YouTube, as far as I can tell, offers unlimited file storage. By writing a FUSE adapter that uses the above storage methods as the backend, you’d get unlimited (and the most ridiculous) cloud storage!

It’d have to use the most efficient combination of the above storage methods. One thing to look into: whether it’s faster to live stream content into YouTube or upload video files. Also, what’s the maximum retrievable bit-rate that’s possible to upload to YouTube?

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