Zach Into 2020


Stuck in the middle. On China’s side or not? What is the opposition?

The US? Europe? Current opposition is not working. What can opposition do that China can’t? What can China do that opposition can’t?

Really scary stuff. Need to think more about Hack Club in terms of setting up systems to build out the org that I want to exist rather than just trying to do it all myself.

What is the next 20 years going to look like? When we look back on this time in 100 years, what are the history books going to say? What are the arcs of our time?

AI? Is it for real?

Start with Middle East, but probably overemphasized when comparing to the historical perspective.

From 1910, before everything changed in the 20th century.

  • Portugal 1494 to 1580 (end of Italian Wars to Spanish-Portuguese Union). Based on Portugal’s dominance in navigation.
  • Spain 1516 to 1659 (Ascension of Charles I of Spain to Treaty of the Pyrenees). Based on the Spanish dominance of the European battlefields and the global exploration and colonization of the New World.
  • The Netherlands 1580 to 1688 (1579 Treaty of Utrecht marks the foundation of the Dutch Republic to the Glorious Revolution, William of Orange’s arrival in England). Based on Dutch control of credit and money.
  • Britain 1688 to 1792 (Glorious Revolution to Napoleonic Wars). Based on British textiles and command of the high seas.
  • Britain 1815 to 1914 (Congress of Vienna to World War I). Based on British industrial supremacy and railroads.


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